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Demir Çelik Store is a fast-growing, follower, and aggregator magazine. It has a vitality that cannot fit into its shell. That's probably the secret to its success in tough times... I wish this tempo would last for years.

We are pleased that your magazine fills an important gap in the Iron Steel sector. We follow every issue of your magazine, which has satisfying news, interviews, and research, as a Tuğçelik team.

From the first day of its publication, Demir Çelik Store magazine carries the qualification of a magazine closely followed by our steel sector, with its quality printing and full content.

Demir Çelik Store magazine, which brings together the representatives of the iron steel sector for 5 years, provides an important communication power by allowing the problems to be brought up and discussed, and has reached its goal of becoming the leading and reference magazine of the sector.

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