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We proudly lead the field of industry-specific publishing with our six magazines specifically designed for the heavy industry sector. Thanks to our long-standing experience and dedication to the industry, we make a difference in the sector by providing our readers with valuable content.

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What do we offer?

Industry Knowledge and Analysis

We increase your knowledge base by providing current industry developments and analyses.

Competitive Advertising Opportunities

We enhance your brand's visibility and impact with industry-specific advertising options.

Expert Authors and Articles

We provide original and valuable content from leading experts in the industry.

Bridging Role and Business Connections

We support cooperation opportunities by establishing connections between producer and buyer companies.

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How do we work?


Initial Meeting and Needs Analysis

We meet the client and analyze their industry needs and expectations in detail.


Service Package and Strategy Determination

We start the process by jointly determining the service package and strategy that suit the client's needs.


Content and Advertising Planning

We ensure effective industry communication by planning content and advertising tailored to the client.


Process Monitoring and Feedback

We maintain regular communication with the client during the collaboration process and enhance service quality with feedback.

Our Magazines

Iron Steel Magazine
Machine Magazine
Mold Magazine
Hydraulic Pneumatic Magazine

Iron Steel Magazine

Iron Steel, Metal Products, Machinery and Industry Magazine

Our magazine, offering current information in the iron steel and industrial fields, helps you to maintain your leadership in the sector with new products and technologies.

Machine Magazine

Machinery, Metal Processing, Automation and Manufacturing Industry Magazine

Our magazine, focusing on innovations in the machinery and manufacturing sectors, strengthens your knowledge base and increases your competitive power with content from industry experts.

Mold Magazine

Mold and Mold Technologies Sector Magazine

Our magazine, providing information in the field of mold and mold technologies, helps you to add new dimensions to your successes by transferring the best practices and trends in the sector.

Hydraulic Pneumatic Magazine

Control Systems - Fluid Power and Automation Sector Magazine

Our magazine, focusing on control systems and automation sectors, makes your operations more efficient with valuable information about the use and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Our Publishing Group

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What are Industry Magazines? What is Industry-Specific Publishing?

Industry-specific publications generally scrutinize only one sector and are limited to the sector in which they publish and the industrial sector they serve. These publications, such as magazines, newspapers, (websites, television, digital magazines, and Web TVs) are known as industry-specific publications. Media organizations that publish in industrial fields are referred to as industry-specific publishers.

As an example, we can show the Demir Çelik Store magazine, which publishes only for the Iron Steel industry. The magazine only advertises and reports on companies that produce steel in the Iron Steel industry and sell semi-finished products. Even though Iron Steel Magazine seems to concern only the iron steel industry, there are usually three legs of the industry.

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The first is the companies that produce and sell Iron Steel, the second is the manufacturing companies that use Iron Steel, and the third dimension is thecompanies that facilitate the operation and functioning of these main sectors, which consist of dozens of ancillary industry companies.

For example, the Metal Processing machines that transform steel into a product or other ancillary industry products in the production of Iron Steel and the transition to the production of finished goods; industry-specific publishing must take into account all three situations.

Companies that produce and sell steel present the advantages and features of the products they sell to the buyer manufacturing companies, while the manufacturing producers using iron steel are looking for ways to procure the right product in a more economical and sustainable manner.

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Industry Publications

Industry publications come into play at this stage and serve as a bridge between the buyer and the producer. The iron steel company introduces its products to the manufacturing company through news and advertisements in industry publications. Manufacturers who are buyers follow the magazines to access the right product at the right time in a more competitive and economical way; industry publishers organize their distribution accordingly.

Companies receive more effective and accurate information about the topic through magazines because the industry-specific magazine is an expert in the relevant industry and due to the evaluations of the experts on the subject in the news and articles. They get information about new products. They learn about their competitors and the development of the industry in the world. From this, we can say that industry publications are a strategic factor in generating accurate information for the development of the industry and the market, not just promoting companies, by providing advertising and news at more economical conditions.

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Magazine distribution needs to be sent not only to manufacturers and sellers across Turkey, but especially to companies that use Iron Steel. The industry magazine needs to be distributed to the right target audience to ensure that industry-specific advertising investments are utilized effectively.

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