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As Metal Medya, we identify the target audience you want to reach and offer our services to get the most effective results by doing in-depth research on suitable platforms. Taking into account the requirements and goals of your business, we analyze the expectations and interest areas of your target audience.

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What do we offer?

Target Audience Analysis

We plan your communication strategies in line with defining your brand's target audience.

Medium Selection

By determining the mediums suitable for the interests and expectations of your target audience, we strengthen your advertising strategy.

Budget Planning

We plan an effective and efficient media budget suitable for the goals and resources of your business.

Media Calendar

We create a media calendar compatible with the timings and medium distributions for your advertising campaigns.

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How do we work?


Situation Analysis

We start the media planning process by analyzing the current situation, goals, and requirements of your business.


Target Audience and Medium Research

We select the most suitable mediums for your brand by analyzing the expectations and interest areas of your target audience.


Media Strategy Development

We guide your advertising campaigns by creating a comprehensive and effective media strategy that fits your goals.


Monitoring and Reporting

We closely monitor the implementation of the media plan, provide reports that measure success, and continuously optimize your strategy.

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What is Media Planning?

The media planning process is a strategic process that enables brands to reach their target audiences in the most effective and efficient way. As Metal Medya, we deeply analyze your target audience and their interest areas to increase the success of your business. By doing so, we ensure that your advertising campaigns are carried out on the right platforms and at the right time, helping you achieve impressive results.

Media planning consists of steps such as target audience analysis, medium selection, budget planning, and media calendar creation. This process aims to guide your advertising activities in the most suitable way by considering your brand's goals and resources. A successful media plan allows your business to exhibit an effective presence in both the online and offline world, expanding your customer base and increasing your conversion rates.

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As a result, with the media planning services we offer as Metal Medya, we help increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty by creating effective and efficient advertising campaigns suitable for the goals and needs of your business. In the constantly changing and evolving media world, we aim to make your business stand out in the competition by continuously optimizing your strategy.

In the rapidly growing and changing world of marketing, the right media planning process is of great importance for brands to establish effective communication with their target audience and achieve success. As Metal Medya, with our experienced and professional team, we aim to contribute to increasing and maintaining the success of your business by preparing the most suitable media plan for you and reaching your sustainable growth goals.

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