Corporate Identity Work

Corporate identity, which reflects the values of your brand and increases its recognizability, is of great importance. As your agency, we develop logo, business card, and other design elements that will strengthen your company's visual identity. Thus, we contribute to strengthening your brand's position in the market.

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What do we offer?

Logo Design

We strengthen the face of your brand with eye-catching and impressive logo designs.

Business Card and Stationery Designs

We highlight your brand with professional business card and stationery designs.

Packaging Designs

We help you stand out from your competitors with packaging designs specific to your brand's products.

Corporate Color and Font Selection

We ensure visual harmony with color and font selection suitable for your brand's corporate identity.

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How do we work?


Business Analysis

In line with the goals and values of your business, we determine the corporate identity strategy.


Design Process

We prepare professional and impressive designs that reflect the values of your brand.


Customer Approval

We share the prepared designs with you and revise them according to your feedback.


Implementation and Integration

We implement and integrate the approved designs in all your brand's visual and digital mediums.

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What is Corporate Identity Work?

Corporate identity work is of great importance in correctly conveying the values and message of your brand. At Metal Medya, we aim to contribute to strengthening the prestige and market position of your brand by creating a powerful and impressive visual identity for you. We carry out corporate identity works that will play a significant role in the success of your business by increasing the attractiveness and attention of your brand with our experienced design team.

An important aspect of corporate identity work is to shape designs and visual elements considering your brand values and goals. This way, the visual identity of your brand gives confidence to customers and your target audience and helps promote your brand.


Metal Medya prioritizes customer satisfaction, stays in constant communicationwith you, and develops designs according to your expectations and your brand's goals. Also, by following industry trends and current design practices, we ensure that your brand's visual identity remains competitive.

During the process of establishing and managing your company's corporate identity, Metal Medya will work with you to help build a successful and sustainable brand identity. This way, we contribute to increasing the value and recognizability of your brand, contributing to the growth and success of your business.

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