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Metal Medya stepped into sectoral magazine publishing in 2006 with a management team with over 30 years of experience. Our company operating in the heavy industry sector, introduced its first magazine to its readers in 2007 and continued to bring new magazines into publication every year.

In addition to magazine publishing, Metal Medya, which also serves in different fields, hosts 6 different sectoral magazines. Today, as an agency working towards national and international companies, we maintain our leading position in the industry by offering our customers a wide range of services.

Our Magazines

Iron Steel Magazine
Machine Magazine
Mold Magazine
Hydraulic Pneumatic Magazine

Iron Steel Magazine

Iron Steel, Metal Products, Machinery and Industry Magazine

Our magazine, offering current information in the iron steel and industrial fields, helps you to maintain your leadership in the sector with new products and technologies.

Machine Magazine

Machinery, Metal Processing, Automation and Manufacturing Industry Magazine

Our magazine, focusing on innovations in the machinery and manufacturing sectors, strengthens your knowledge base and increases your competitive power with content from industry experts.

Mold Magazine

Mold and Mold Technologies Sector Magazine

Our magazine, providing information in the field of mold and mold technologies, helps you to add new dimensions to your successes by transferring the best practices and trends in the sector.

Hydraulic Pneumatic Magazine

Control Systems - Fluid Power and Automation Sector Magazine

Our magazine, focusing on control systems and automation sectors, makes your operations more efficient with valuable information about the use and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Our Publishing Group

5 thousand+

We satisfy our customers by reaching their target audiences with our services.

Demir Çelik Store is a fast-growing, follower, and aggregator magazine. It has a vitality that cannot fit into its shell. That's probably the secret to its success in tough times... I wish this tempo would last for years.

We are pleased that your magazine fills an important gap in the Iron Steel sector. We follow every issue of your magazine, which has satisfying news, interviews, and research, as a Tuğçelik team.

From the first day of its publication, Demir Çelik Store magazine carries the qualification of a magazine closely followed by our steel sector, with its quality printing and full content.

Demir Çelik Store magazine, which brings together the representatives of the iron steel sector for 5 years, provides an important communication power by allowing the problems to be brought up and discussed, and has reached its goal of becoming the leading and reference magazine of the sector.

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